The Magic of Snow

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I’m watching the snow fall outside and thinking about all the magical feelings that a snowy day invokes for me. From the remembered childish joy of the snow day – that totally persists when it is too snowy to get to work, admit it! – to the feeling of peace and quiet of an untouched snowy field or forest. But how can we harness that feeling in our magical life?

First of all, don’t forget to read our article on the Magic of Water – Snow is, after all, water as well, so a lot of the correspondences still apply.

But what makes the snow special, and how can you use it?

Snow has a greater permanence than water, but it is also transient, melting away as the weather warms again. You can use this energy by writing sigils in the snow. These can be things you are hoping to banish, and thus by writing them in the snow you are letting them melt away peacefully with the weather. Or, much like writing something and then burning it, you can use this to call and release that energy, putting what you are working for out into the world around you. Or just try a protection sigil on your car to protect you during icy driving!

Have someone you need to freeze out of your life? Try working a freezing spell starting with collected snow, for a little extra seasonal oomph! You can collect and keep the snow now, so you’ll have that energy saved for later in the year, whenever you need it.

The melt and flow of water can also be a powerful tool for transformation. Make something out of snow that you want to see change and let the melt help that change along. Or, collect snow and let it melt, then keep that water specifically for spells involving gentle change in the future.

Remember how water connects with emotions? Use the peaceful energy of clean, white snow to ease tempers and calm emotions.

Take a moment to enjoy the peace of snow by talking a walk while it is falling, or in the clean snow just after. There is a special silence to snowy days that can be helpful when meditating, connecting with the seasons and the earth around us, or just letting our troubles drift away for a while.

Or maybe all of this sounds too cold for you, and what you really want to do is curl up with a hot chocolate and a good book? That’s my plan tonight! I’m going to catch up on some witchy reading, but this would also be a wonderful time to research deities connected to snow and winter. There is no better time to connect with them than in in the middle of a beautiful snow fall!

magic of snow


Magic for the Full Moon

Magic for the Full MoonThe sun is setting, and evening will soon set in on a lovely February evening. The sky is clear, and the weather not too cold, so I’m really looking forward to tonight’s full moon. The full moon is a time of incredible energy, so here are some things you can do to embrace that lunar power.

Examine Your Emotions

The moon is connected with our emotions, and a full moon can really bring out those emotional heights. Feeling particularly moody with the full moon? You’re not alone! If you find yourself reacting more emotionally than usual, take a moment to take stock. Those emotions are always there – the moon is just bringing them out stronger where you can really see them.

Reflect on What You Have Accomplished

The moon at its fullest brings a sense of completion. Have you been working any particular magics? Any creative pursuits? Goals you’ve been trying to accomplish? Take a moment to look at where these have gotten in the last month. If it’s an ongoing project, this is an excellent time to renew your commitment to it. Or, if it’s not working…

Think About Letting Go

Soon, the moon will begin to wan. This makes it an excellent time to start the process of letting go. Under the full moon, you can cut ties with what has gone before, cleanse yourself of what does not help your goals, and decide what you really need to focus on.

Embrace Your Intuition

Just like the full moon is a time of heightened emotion, it is also a time of heightened intuition. Do you practice with tarot cards? Read runes? Working in interpreting dreams or developing psychic gifts? The full moon is an excellent time to practice! Embrace the lunar energy and let it clear and open your mind.

Cleanse Your Crystals

…Or your tools, your home, your sacred space, and You! Let the light of the full moon bathe what you need to clean and charge. The full moon is an excellent time to clear the energies of the past month so that you can move forward with a clean slate. And one that is full of lunar energy!

Make Moon Water

Want to carry the energy of the full moon forward into the coming month? Make moon water! Charge water under the full moon, but be sure to move it away from your window or back indoors before sunrise. Use this charged water as part of blessings, cleansings, spell work… or drink it to embrace the full moon whenever you need that boost.

Cast Magic!

What magic workings are particularly suited to the full moon? Love and romance for one – even better right now with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. Emotional healing and promoting harmony are also good energies to bring from the full moon. Embrace the moon energy if you need some help with self confidence. Or how about a bit of luck magic when the moon is bright!

Enjoy the moon tonight my witchy and magical friends!