2021 Crooked Treehouse Shop Update!

Hello from the Treehouse!

First of all, Jac and I would like to send you all a hearty thank you for sticking with us through a tough year. I know a lot of you have been wondering how we’re doing, how our plans are going, and how the future looks for the Treehouse, so here’s a long anticipated update.

Well, the big thing is we all made it through 2020. 😉

We are fortunate enough that none of us have gotten sick – knock on wood and all that – and even though we did close the physical store for a couple of months we’re still here and happily open again. We are still observing safety protocols. Since our store is tiny, we ask that no more than 2 people or 1 family unit come in at a time, and that everyone wears masks. We’re almost to the vaccination point, so lets keep staying safe!

We have had some inventory hiccups thanks to COVID, but not too terrible. We are running low on some crystals since we haven’t been able to make it to all of our usual crystal shows, but we should make it to another one within the next couple of months.

How about our plans for the shop itself? Weren’t we talking about expanding?

I imagine it surprises no one that the last year delayed those plans. However, the plans are not scrapped. We still have a friend hoping to buy the building, with the understanding that if he does the Treehouse will double in size as part of the building renovations. Pretty cool, hmm? Both rooms at the front of the building would become the shop.

In the short term, we’re working on a new sign to hang over the front door. Two years of rain and humidity have not been kind to the big shop sign!

We’re also working on a major online shop update. Instead of it having everything we might possibly carry, we’re going to focus it on our special products and things we know we can get to you right away. It does not make sense for our website to be everything to everyone – we want to focus on what makes the Treehouse special.

Coming up, our first event of 2021 looks like it will be a Beltane event in Reidsville. It’s a first year event and we’re so excited! She’s got awesome things planned, so you should come check it out.

Oh! And Jac and I are both working on designing our own tarot decks! How cool is that??? It’s been a dream project, and really fun as we’ve been sharing our card interpretations with each other. It’s been a great learning experience and artistic push, and we’re only about a month in to working on it. So stay tuned!

As we get serious about planning the year ahead, please feel free to let us know how we can help you! Any products you are looking for or things you would like to learn?


It’s Alive! (We’ve launched our new web store)

Hello my lovely supporters of the Crooked Treehouse!

Things have been brewing in our tiny little shop lately. You might have noticed that I’ve been writing a lot more consistently for our blog lately. That’s been one step taken lately to help support the Treehouse. If you’ve been by in person, you probably have noticed a couple of things:

  • We’re tiny. We like our little hole-in-the-wall witchy shop, but we’d love to expand! We have not given up on our dream/goal of buying our building so that we could expand the shop to about twice its current size, add class space, etc.
  • While we are serious about supporting the historic Boulevard, it does not have the consistent traffic to help us achieve that dream.

So here is another step towards that goal – today, I launch our brand new web store!

Shop Our Online Store

We still have a lot of products to add, but it’s a step in having a much greater reach. So please, take a moment, shop around, and share our blog and store with your witchy friends! Every bit helps us be a greater part of our community.

But wait, there’s more!

In honor of our launch, a special discount code is active one week only. For the next week – 3/6/2020 through 3/13/2020 – use the code below for 15% off your entire online purchase.


No exceptions, no minimums. Share it around and enjoy! And watch for more items all week as I keep adding online inventory!

Update: More on the Future of Crooked Treehouse

Hey guys! It’s been about two months since I first posted about decisions about the near future of Crooked Treehouse, and if you’ve been by The Boulevard lately you’ll notice we’re still here. Heh. So, a general update!

First of all, no, we have not yet raised the money to buy our building. I am not calling it a lost cause yet, as there are still some additional possibilities out there. And you can still donate to our Go Fund Me to help us out.

I do want to put out a huge thank you to everyone who helped spread the word in July! Thanks in a large part to you, our sales keep growing every month. The more we sell, obviously the better we can keep this shop in our community. We have loved meeting so many new people these last couple of months, and hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have!

Now, I mentioned in my last post about this that the reason for the shop probably to be closing in the not too distant future is that I’ll soon be buying a house and thus no longer living upstairs. That said… we don’t have a new house yet. So I expect at this point the Treehouse will be here at least through October, and possibly longer. Plus, like I said, there are some other possibilities that may keep the shop open. So I’ll keep you informed!

And in no way are we treating it like we are about to close! We are bringing in new inventory weekly. There are new books, tarot decks, and more that all came in the last month. This week, we’re getting a shipment in of 2020 planners and calendars. Plus we have already ordered some Samhain and Halloween themed items!

On top of that, September and October are our months for Pagan Pride events. We love these! I do a booth with my other business, Wyrd Armouries, with our handmade ritual items. This year, I will also bring a selection of items from the Treehouse as well, to make them available to new people and help promote the shop.

So, look for us in the Wyrd Armouries booth at:

And should our storefront close down the line, our items will still be available, whether it is through events or our website, until we can manage to get a storefront established again.

Thank you for your patience and support as we work this all out!

Help Us Move Forward Into New Adventures!

What's Next_

Hello my lovely readers, my regular customers, and fans of Crooked Treehouse!

By now, some of you have heard our “plans” for Crooked Treehouse. And I put that in quotes because they have always been a little loose. This tiny business was almost created as a whim.

There we were, on the honestly sad looking historic Boulevard, living in this could-be adorable tiny yellow old commercial building turned house. We could see, with little effort, that the front of the house could be turned back into a tiny business. So we did. We opened up Crooked Treehouse in October, dressed up the front of the building, and turned this little house back into a living business.

Well, my time living here will soon be coming to an end. Within the next two months or so, I – Cynthia, owner of Crooked Treehouse – will be buying a new place with my husband, and will no longer need to rent this building as my house. That unfortunately makes it no longer cost effective to run the business as we are.

But we love it, and have multiple options on how Crooked Treehouse can continue. Here’s what we would ideally like to have happen:

  • We buy the building that currently houses Crooked Treehouse
  • We expand the shop into about twice its current size by opening it up into both front rooms of the building.
  • We redo the apartment above into an awesome space for the awesome Jac – our amazing friend who helps keep Crooked Treehouse running.

That would take finances we don’t currently have, and that’s why we are turning to you, our regulars and friends, to help.

What can you do?

  • Contribute to our GoFundMe campaign to help keep our doors open after I move out. If we make our goal, we can buy and renovate the building! If we fall short, we can at least stay open a bit longer.
  • Stop in and buy! If you’ve been thinking about shopping but haven’t, now would definitely be a good time.
  • Buy from our Facebook store, or get an online tarot reading. All sales will help keep the business going.
  • Spread the word. Share this blog link or our GoFundMe link to anyone you think might be interested in helping!

Renovations step 1: All new doors and windows, and a fresh coat of colorful paint to make the building stand out! Colors are just approximate, but we want a purple door!

Renovations step 2: Paint the odd side above the roofline of the next building with an awesome mural.

Renovations step 3: Add an archway on this wall to open it up into the next room. Front room would now be crystal and handmade gift focus, second room would be candles, herbs, tarot cards and books,. Plus it will give us room for a reading nook/small workshop space.