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We can also do tarot readings for you over email. Any of the below readings will be sent to you within a day, with a photo of your cards and a detailed write up of your personal reading.

Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only and we do not recommend making any major life changes based off of one of these readings. They are a great way to take a new look at a situation from a different angle, or to be used in meditation. If you have any particular question you would like your reading to focus on, let us know with your purchase. Otherwise, we will give you a general result.


Tarot Single Card Reading

You will receive a personalized single card tarot reading over email.



Tarot Two Card Reading

Two card readings are excellent for looking at the choice between two options, or to weigh a simple pro and con of a choice.



Three Card Tarot Reading

Three card readings are an excellent simple overview of a situation. Usually this reading presents a past, present, and future of a given situation.



Five Card Tarot Reading

This is one of our favorite broader basic readings. A general reading for your question will include past, present, future, basis, and hopes.



Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

This classic expanded tarot reading gives a broad view of your question with excellent details.



Life Path Tarot Reading

This tarot reading spread is focused on the specific question of your life's path. Can look at relationships, business, and more, all focused on you.



Spiritual Guidance Tarot Reading

This detailed reading looks at your life not in a mundane way, but focuses more on the spirit,



Wheel of the Year Tarot Reading

Look 12 months ahead with this detailed reading! One card for each month, I love to do this reading for the new year.


Relationship Tarot Card Reading – Sent to Your Email

This detailed reading compares you and another individual on a variety of topics.