Staying At Home: My Witchy Spaces

So, are you embracing or hating your home witchy space? Are you wishing that you had one?

Well, come on inside my doors for a glimpse at where I am spending a lot of time with the store currently, depressingly closed. I don’t usually share a lot of personal stuff, but it felt appropriate right now. We’re all missing personal connections.

So here goes: I am both loving and hating my space. I moved in December, and I did not manage to get my future special witchy space built out before the pandemic came to our attention. But I am trying to embrace the space I have as-is and do what I can until things can once again move forward.

Not that I am being great about it. I pretty much ignored the full moon this week. It’s hard to focus on much for long. And I still don’t feel “settled in” here. And I miss all of you guys! The Treehouse has an awesome little community around it, and I’m thinking about all of you.

I miss all of you guys, so come and visit me virtually for this little tour!

Okay, let’s start outside instead. I managed to get my new herb garden started before the stay at home orders came in, and maintaining it has been one of my fresh air activities. Counterclockwise from the center: rosemary, oregano, lavender, parsley, basil, red basil, thyme, lemon balm, garden sage, peppermint, spearmint, and catnip.
I’m spending a lot of time sitting here, working on the website or accounting. Bleh! Plus, look at that stack of books waiting for reviews or reading…
My window-side altar chest. The wood chest was where I started keeping my witchy things when I first started, but nowadays I feel comfortable having the altar regularly set up. Some of the things you can see: my statue of Hestia, a pin with my favorite tarot card (ace of cups), a candle stick with wheat stalks I found at a thrift store, a small antler wand that was a gift from a friend, and a dragon egg that was gifted to me at Dragon Con two years ago.
Even though this is not the room I plan to always have for my witchy space, since I’m stuck at home I was randomly annoyed that I had not hung my art. So I hung my triple goddess wall shrine yesterday!
I collect vintage witches and Halloween things in general. So here’s my classic Halloween shelf!
Not everything is displayed for pretty – some of it just needs a space to be stored. So, here’s my miscellaneous candles, my tarot deck collection, and my drawing and journaling supplies. Not that I am at all good at keeping up journaling.
“What do you mean I’m not supposed to be in here?” Meet Dante, who we met as a bedraggled kitten that approached Jac in the rain outside the shop one night. He is very good at sounding pathetic. But it got him a new home! He makes me smile when I need it these days.

So, how are you all faring? Tell me about your witchy spaces, and where you feel comfortable at home!

Copy of Tarot Art Nouveau