15 Magical Uses of Apples


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Recently, I have undertaken a fun and fascinating creative research project: compiling magical uses behind 30 plants to make informative prints to carry in our store. I have intentionally not been getting into the medicinal uses – I believe that anyone who wants to get into herbal medicine should really take the time to research that themselves. But the uses in folklore and myth are wonderfully rich! And fascinatingly, these magical uses often have links to the medical ones.

So, let’s start this series with the delightful, delicious, easy to find, apple! Without further ado, 15 Magical Uses of Apples

  1. Use apples and apple blossoms in love spells and love sachets.
  2. Split an apple with your love and eat it together to ensure a long and happy relationship.
  3. Throw the peel over your shoulder – the shape it falls in will hint at the name of your future love.
  4. Infuse pink wax with apple blossoms. Strain the wax, then make a candle from it to symbolize eternal love.
  5. Hold an apple in your hand until it gets warm, then give it to one you love. If they eat it your love will be returned.
  6. Here’s a simple women’s love divination using apples: Cut an apple in two and count the number of seeds. An even number means a marriage will soon happen. Odd, and she’ll remain single for now. If one seed is cut, there will be a stormy relationship. Two cuts seeds and widowhood is foretold.
  7. Eat an apple on Samhain night while looking in a mirror to see the face your love revealed.
  8. Peel an apple to divine the length of your life. The longer the continuous peel, the longer your life.
  9. Apples are considered a food of the dead and linked with immortality and the afterlife. Include them on your altar at Samhain or to recognize your ancestors.
  10. Use the wood from the apple tree for longevity charms.
  11. Pour apple cider on the ground before you plant to give life.
  12. If you grow apples, bury thirteen leaves from the apple tree at harvest time to encourage a good crop the following year.
  13. To not contract a fever, eat an apple. (An apple a day keeps the doctor away folks?)
  14. Have an old spell that calls for blood? Use apple cider instead!
  15. Make a wand from apple wood for love and fertility magic.

The first ten of my herb prints, which includes Apple, is now available in my Etsy store for digital download.

Want to do some of your own research in magical herbalism? I highly recommend this book to start!

15 Magical Uses for Apples