Book Review: Be More Witch by Alison Davies


I love to wander old downtowns. The buildings full of history are often revitalized by fun little unique shops – the non-chain, passion shops that are what the Shop Local movement is all about. Heck. the Treehouse is in one of these struggling old downtown areas. Well, while I was wandering another NC downtown, I found a fun and fanciful gift shop packed full of unique things. And in a corner of their basement, I found an entertaining selection of witchy stuff. This little adorable book thus came home with me.

The first time a friend of mine saw me reading Be More Witch by Alison Davies, his response was a playful “You don’t need that!” And that is true – I have happily embraced my inner (and sometimes outer) witch lately. But as I expressed in my first book review, I adore little witchy hardcovers. And this book will occupy a unique niche in my library.

This book is, first of all, cute. That really is the best definition for it. It is colorful, cartoony, and has many full illustration pages. Quotes, affirmations, and bold statements make up most of the book.


Jac, my awesome partner in crime here over at the Treehouse, described this book as “magical sugar.” And that’s actually a pretty solid description. It does not have substance, but it does make you smile. Think of this as a little inspirational book with a witchcraft bent. This book is pretty much the modern “witch aesthetic” in book form.

I guess it is pretty obvious then that I would not recommend this book to a serious practitioner looking for something new. The concepts, rituals, and occasional spells tucked in between pretty pictures and motivational quotes are honestly basic at best. This book also takes a strong “girl power” slant on witchcraft and stresses the importance of sisterhood… which, while not a concept I have a problem with, does leave out the male witches out there entirely.

So why then do I say this will keep a specific niche on my bookshelf? Because sometimes I don’t need a scholarly study or intense thought. Sometimes I need cotton candy. I have gone in and out of phases of serious magical practice since highschool. I have probably spent more time less focused than more. This book makes me smile and remember why I am drawn to witchcraft in the first place. And sometimes, when things are hard, that is really all I need.


Do you have any witchcraft or magical books that just make you smile? Let me know in the comments!

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Book Review Be More Witch