Magical Crystals: Quartz

From herbs to crystals, I’m continuing our magical materials highlights! I decided to start the crystals off with quartz. It is common, comes in many varieties, and is useful in so many variations.

I am not going to get into every type of quartz here, nor am I going to get into the meaning of every crystal shape. Citrine and Amethyst are also quartz, but they will get their own entries at a later date. This is a broad overview of some of the many quartz variants and their magical and healing uses.

Quartz is a common crystal, forming in long points. The inclusion of different minerals and formation at different temperatures lends to its many varieties.

IMG_20181228_162719-01Clear Quartz: Powerful healing and energy amplifier. Can amplify energy for body and thoughts, and assist with mental clarity. Because it is an amplifier, it is a great addition to many workings and a stand in when you do not have other crystals available.

Blue Quartz: Formed by the inclusion of rutile, tourmaline, or ziosite inclusions. Assists in reaching out to others, releases introversion and calms fears. Calms the mind and inspires hope.

Green Quartz: Transmutes negative energy into positive without releasing it. Inspires creativity. Attracts success and prosperity.

Rainbow Quartz: Look for a natural rainbow inside the quartz crystal. Stimulates awareness or universal love, draws off negativity.

Tangerine Quartz: Has a natural transparent orange coating. Excellent healer after shock or trauma. Helps heal after psychic attack.

Tibetan Quartz: Aids in meditation and connecting with esoteric knowledge. Enhances healing.

Aqua Aura: This is a man-made coating that bonds gold to the quartz and results in a blue color. Has an intense energy, encouraging freedom from limitations. Heals, cleanses, and calms the aura.

Phantom Quartz: These crystals look like they have the shadow of another point inside the crystal point. Symbolizes universal awareness. Enhances meditation.

IMG_20181228_162817-01Rose Quartz: Unconditional love and peace.  Purifies and opens the heart, this stone of romance is used to attract love.

Rutilated Quartz: Integrates energy across all levels. Stimulates awareness of connections. Breaks down barriers to spiritual progress.

Smoky Quartz: Effective for grounding and anchoring during meditation. Protective stone has a strong link to the earth. Grounds spiritual energy and gently neutralizes negative energies.

Snow Quartz: Also called Quartzite, this stone has a lot of the same properties as clear quartz but in a calmer, less focused manner. Supports you while learning lessons and letting go of responsibility. Enhances tact and cooperation.

Tourmelinated Quartz: Grounding stone, it assists in realizing ones own strength. Helps eliminate destructive patterns.

Golden Healer Quartz: Has a natural, transparent yellow coating. Facilitates spiritual communication over long distances. Excellent for all healing situations and helps recognize what is needed for further recovery.

Red Quartz: Aids in positive action and encourages physical energy and vitality.

Strawberry Quartz: Rare variant, so be careful of a lot of fake out there. Fills a person with a feeling of love.