May Full Moon: Flower Moon

Full Moon of May

The name of this Saturday’s full moon fits the month so beautifully! A full moon in May is called the “Flower Moon.”

Like the flower, this is the time to blossom! The seeds we have planted burst forth beautifully, embracing the magical energies of the season. This is a great time to focus our energies and magics on rituals involving:

  • Prosperity
  • Fertility
  • Sex

The full moon in general is a great time to embrace feminine energies. The full moon is a time of transition, a time to let go of things from the previous cycle and embrace the new. This is a wonderful time for new beginnings and to truly manifest your personal magic.

This weekend’s Flower Moon is extra special, because it is also a Blue Moon. What makes it a blue moon? Each season usually has three full moons, but this Spring has four. That extra full moon is a “blue moon,” and that is what we have this Saturday! This rare occurrence should bring some extra “oomph” to whatever you choose to accomplish.

Embrace the moonlight however feel right to you! Some good things to do under the moonlight are:

  • Take a moonlit bath. (One of those few times to be glad for a window in your bathroom!)
  • Meditate on and charge your crystals with renewed energy.
  • Spend some time outside and meditate in the moonlight.


Have a lovely Saturday, and we’d love to hear how the extraordinary full moon fulfills you!